Keep learners engaged with Learning Path reminders

by SafeStack

To keep your learners on the path to success, we’ll now send out a reminder to those who still have courses to complete. An in-app and email notification will be sent a few days before the due date of their Learning Path, and contain a quick link for them to finish their Learning Path.

Learners can opt-out of email notifications from their Profile page.

Reach your compliance goals with SafeStack

by SafeStack

In order to help you meet your compliance needs with ease, SafeStack now provides a handy compliance page for you to check out all the courses you need to complete, in order to meet compliance training requirements for supported frameworks.

At the moment, SafeStack can help you reach awareness related training for the following compliance frameworks:

  1. ISO27001

  2. PCI DSS

  3. SOC2

Go ahead and check out our compliance page to learn more!

Reach your compliance goals

Vanta integration - sync compliance training information

by SafeStack

The SafeStack - Vanta integration now sends your users' security and compliance training data to Vanta every hour, so it can be included in Vanta's monitoring and reports.

SafeStack’s Security Awareness programme contains a lot of courses that help you meet compliance training requirements for frameworks like ISO27001, PCI DSS and SOC2.

If your organization is using Vanta to automate compliance related tasks, check out our Vanta integration to send your SafeStack users - and their compliance training information, automatically to Vanta.

Set up SafeStack Vanta integration

Quicker report generation and better report filters

by SafeStack

SafeStack provides many types of reports to help learners and group leaders track progress of your security training journey.

All our reports now support server side pagination, loading chunks of data as requested by your browser - while you “page” through the reports. This leads to much quicker report generation, especially for some of our larger customers with thousands of learners in their team.

All our reports now also provide enhanced filtering capabilities that help determine exactly how much progress you, or your team, have achieved, across a program, learning path or course.

For group leaders, this helps answer questions like:

  • “Who has not yet completed their Secure Development learning path?”

  • “How much progress, in % format, has my team, or user X, achieved in the Secure Development learning path?”

  • “Which users have completed the Designing Secure Microservice Architectures course, and which users have made some progress in that course?”

For learners, this helps answer questions like

  • “What learning paths have I made some progress in?”

  • “What courses have I made no progress in?”

Further, your currently selected report filters are now applied automatically whenever you download a report as a CSV file.

We hope that our enhanced reporting functionality helps you track your, or your teams progress, much more easily and are always open to feedback.

Platform Status Page

by SafeStack

Incidents and outages - nobody likes them, but they tend to happen every now and then.

We here at SafeStack are not immune to them. So if and when they do happen in the future, we endeavour to provide all our users with accurate and up-to-date information about them, so you know when your favourite secure development training provider is back to normal.

Our new SafeStack Status Page will highlight any current incident or outage causing service degradation on our learning platform. You can access the status page

  • from within the platform, from the top navigation bar

Visit the status page


by SafeStack

We’ve made some usability improvements to our “Badges and Certificates” - now known as “Achievements”.

On the Achievements page, you can now see all the Credly badges that you can earn by completing courses from our Secure Development programme.

The badges you have earned will be colorfully highlighted. You can even click into such a badge and view, accept, verify or share it directly from Credly.

Go ahead and get some badges from our Achievements page!

View your achievements

Vanta integration - sync user information

by SafeStack

SafeStack can now sync your user information with Vanta.

Vanta automates the complex and time-consuming process of SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI, and GDPR compliance certification, and helps SaaS businesses of all sizes manage risk and prove security in real time.

SafeStack will send your user information to Vanta every hour, so it can be included in Vanta's monitoring and reports. This data will be tagged as originating from SafeStack.

To get started, head over to the Integrations section to connect your Vanta account with SafeStack. You’ll need to be a Vanta administrator to configure the integration.

Set up SafeStack Vanta integration

Introducing email notifications

by SafeStack

Keeping learners up-to-date and engaged with their progress is now easier with the release of email notifications. Learners and Group Leaders can now receive emails about their Learning Paths and any upcoming seminars hosted by SafeStack.

Learners can customize their email notification preferences and choose what emails they would like to receive from their Profile section.

We’ll be adding more types of email notifications over time, and if you think there’s a notification that can benefit your learners please let us know!