Re-do training with progress reset

by SafeStack

If you require your learners to re-do their SafeStack training again, such as for a start-of-year rollover, Group Leaders can now reset their progress data so that all learning paths, courses, quizzes, labs, and reporting show as incomplete.

Resetting progress can be done across your entire organization from the Organization page, or for the learners and courses within a specific Learning Path from the Learning Paths page.

Some key points to note:

  • Learners will retain any badges and achievements they’ve previously earned.

  • Historical data will not be available from the Reports section. We recommend downloading and archiving any reports per your organization's compliance and data retention policies before resetting progress data.

Achieving compliance just got a whole lot easier

by SafeStack

SafeStack provides courses that help you achieve your compliance training objectives for frameworks like ISO27001, PCI DSS and SOC2.

Now, you can easily create a Learning Path for all supported compliance frameworks - just click the “Create Learning Path” button on a compliance framework! This will automatically create a new learning path with all the relevant courses, then redirect you to the new learning path, so that you can set a due date, description and enrol your learners into the new learning path.

Using learning paths as a way to achieve compliance training needs has tremendous benefits like:

  • learners automatically receive an email about their enrolment into the new learning path

  • learners also receive an email reminder to complete the learning path, in case they haven’t completed it, around 5 days before the due date

  • group leaders can easily track compliance training progress for every compliance framework, right from the dashboard or via the “Group Progress by Learning Path” report

View compliance frameworks

Changes to help companies achieve their compliance goals more easily

by SafeStack

At SafeStack, we love making it easier for organizations to meet their compliance training requirements. Our training is designed to support compliance requirements for frameworks like ISO27001, PCI DSS and SOC2. In order to highlight what parts of our training apply to which compliance frameworks, a few weeks ago, we released a handy compliance page.

Compliance training is spread across both our Secure Development program as well as the Security Awareness program. Some of our more recent customers were not able to view or buy the Security Awareness program, while we worked on making some strategic changes to the program.

We are now happy to announce that:

  1. all Secure Development customers, who didn’t have access to the Security Awareness program, now have access to a limited set of free courses from this program

  2. all Secure Development customers can now buy the Security Awareness program as an add-on

  3. your learners will not see any Security Awareness content, until one of your Group Leaders assigns them to the program

  4. we have redesigned our subscription page to better highlight what plan you are on and what add-ons are available for your organization in SafeStack

  5. the subscription page itself has been moved from “Settings → Subscription” to “Subscription” in the sidebar

Head over to our course catalog and check out the Security Awareness courses available, for free, for your organization!

Or check out the new subscription page, from where you can buy or manage your subscription for any of our programs or add-ons.

PS: You can read more about how we can help you meet your compliance needs here.

Automatically add users signing up from your company's email domains, to your SafeStack organization

by SafeStack

We're thrilled to introduce a brand-new Organization Settings page, designed to streamline your organizational management tasks and configure SafeStack to meet your team’s needs. Access to this page is reserved exclusively for group leaders of customers on our paid Team plan.

Within this page you’ll find a handy new option to ensure that users from your organization, signing up to SafeStack on their own, get added to your existing SafeStack organization, instead of being added to a completely new SafeStack organization.

Note that such users will be invited as Learners into your SafeStack organization and will not occupy any seats, until a Group Leader assigns them to one of our training programs.