SafeStack provides many types of reports to help learners and group leaders track progress of your security training journey.

All our reports now support server side pagination, loading chunks of data as requested by your browser - while you “page” through the reports. This leads to much quicker report generation, especially for some of our larger customers with thousands of learners in their team.

All our reports now also provide enhanced filtering capabilities that help determine exactly how much progress you, or your team, have achieved, across a program, learning path or course.

For group leaders, this helps answer questions like:

  • “Who has not yet completed their Secure Development learning path?”

  • “How much progress, in % format, has my team, or user X, achieved in the Secure Development learning path?”

  • “Which users have completed the Designing Secure Microservice Architectures course, and which users have made some progress in that course?”

For learners, this helps answer questions like

  • “What learning paths have I made some progress in?”

  • “What courses have I made no progress in?”

Further, your currently selected report filters are now applied automatically whenever you download a report as a CSV file.

We hope that our enhanced reporting functionality helps you track your, or your teams progress, much more easily and are always open to feedback.