SafeStack provides courses that help you achieve your compliance training objectives for frameworks like ISO27001, PCI DSS and SOC2.

Now, you can easily create a Learning Path for all supported compliance frameworks - just click the “Create Learning Path” button on a compliance framework! This will automatically create a new learning path with all the relevant courses, then redirect you to the new learning path, so that you can set a due date, description and enrol your learners into the new learning path.

Using learning paths as a way to achieve compliance training needs has tremendous benefits like:

  • learners automatically receive an email about their enrolment into the new learning path

  • learners also receive an email reminder to complete the learning path, in case they haven’t completed it, around 5 days before the due date

  • group leaders can easily track compliance training progress for every compliance framework, right from the dashboard or via the “Group Progress by Learning Path” report