Authentication system domain name change

by SafeStack


In order to provide a more streamlined login experience for our users, SafeStack will update its authentication domain name from learn-safestack-io.au.auth0.com to auth.learn.safestack.io on February 10, 2024 (Saturday) as part of scheduled maintenance of its authentication systems.

If you use Single Sign On to log into SafeStack, you may need to make minor changes in the SafeStack client configuration set up with your identity provider. These changes are outlined below.

How does this affect you?

Your login experience will be similar to what it is now, this is simply an update of the domain name that we use for our authentication system. Your existing credentials to log into SafeStack will continue to work as they do now and there will be no change to your training data in SafeStack.

If Single Sign On has not been configured for your organization

After you enter your email address on the login page, instead of being redirected to https://learn-safestack-io.au.auth0.com/ you will be redirected to https://auth.learn.safestack.io/.

If you use a password manager to save your credentials, you may need to find your existing credentials to log into SafeStack by searching for safestack in your password manager. Upon successful login, your password manager may prompt you to add or update your SafeStack credentials (since the authentication website URL will be different).

Our forgot password functionality will continue to work, in case you need to reset your password.

If Single Sign On has been configured for your organization

You may need to update the Redirect URI’s configured for use with the SafeStack client in your identity provider (IdP). Before February 9 2024, both the following redirect URI’s must exist in your configuration:

  1. https://learn-safestack-io.au.auth0.com/login/callback

  2. https://auth.learn.safestack.io/login/callback

You can make these changes right away without affecting your organization’s access to SafeStack.

Azure AD / Entra ID

If you use Azure AD / Entra ID as your IdP, the redirect URI’s can be configured as per Step 1.8 here

Google Workspace

If you use Google Workspace as your IdP, the redirect URI’s can be configured as per Step 1.6 here


If you use Okta as your IdP, the redirect URI’s can be configured as per Step 4 here

Once this configuration is in place, you will be able to log into SafeStack as usual from our login page.

Help and Support

Our support team is available via email at [email protected] for assistance with this change, to answer any questions or if you face any issues.

Improved handling of Learning Path due dates

by SafeStack

When setting up your Learning Path, you’ve previously been able to add a due date that your learners should have completed their courses. This due date in some instances would show as being a day forward or behind depending on if learners were in a different timezone.

We’ve now added the ability to set the due time that courses should be completed by, and improved how the due date is shown to group leaders and their learners based on their current timezone.